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Everything Endurance – Episode Ten with Adam Kimble

2nd June, 2017

In 2016 Adam Kimble spent 60 days running across America and 60 days alone in the wilderness for the survival TV show The Wheel. In July he will spend 31 days running around the UK with our very own Kris King after which we are pretty sure he will want to head back into the woods.

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Everything Endurance – Episode Nine with Aleks ‘Barefoot’ Kashefi

24th May, 2017

Running the length of Europe Barefoot; Facing Fear and doing the Stupid with Aleks Kashefi

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Everything Endurance – Episode Eight with Brett Rocos of Exile Medics

19th May, 2017

Exile Medics takes enthusiastic medical professionals to the world’s most challenging environments to provide medical support for expeditions and the most extreme events on the planet

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Everything Endurance – Episode Seven with Leigh Timmis

9th May, 2017

On the 14th of June 2010 Leigh Timmis left Derby, UK. This was the beginning of a circumnavigation of the world he thought would take around 3 years. In late April 2017, after covering more than 40000 miles, he arrived home.

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Everything Endurance – Episode Six with Baldlygo! An Unlikely Athlete

25th April, 2017

At the beginning of 2016 you could accurately have described Will as an overweight punk rock guitarist and real ale enthusiast, but not an athlete. By March 1st 2017 he’d finished the Ice Ultra.

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Everything Endurance – Episode Five with Al Ruddock

14th April, 2017

Al Ruddock is a physiologist at Sheffield Hallam University with a wealth of experience in sport science.

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A Day in the Life – Everything Endurance at the British Ultrafest 24hr Running Championships

7th April, 2017

On the first weekend in April a uniquely challenging event took place on an athletics track in Crawley…

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Everything Endurance – Episode Four with Elise Downing

27th March, 2017

Elise Downing wasn’t an elite athlete or even a regular runner when she decided to set off alone and run all the way around England, Wales and Scotland. But off she went…

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Everything Endurance – Episode Three with Mimi Anderson

17th March, 2017

Mimi Anderson is a multiple world record holder, multiple course record holder and something of a hero of ours at BTU HQ

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Everything Endurance – Episode Two with Shane Benzie

3rd March, 2017

Shane Benzie is the founder of Running Reborn, a running technique coach and movement specialist. Think of him as the Indiana Jones of the coaching world; Shane has scoured the Earth searching for lost treasures of athletic lore.

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