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For Rangers Ultra 2018 – Final Race Blog

5th August, 2018

When the winner of the race crossed the finish line earlier he was handed a medal by the greatest marathon runner on earth…

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For Rangers Ultra 2018 Stage Four – Race Report

4th August, 2018

The tired legs were forced to warm up quickly with a twisting, technical descent through a spectacular steep-sided ravine filled with pillars of deep, burnt orange soil…

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For Rangers Ultra 2018 Stage Three – Race Report

3rd August, 2018

As the sun rose over a ridge looking over our campsite, our helicopter took off and performed a low fly-by to start the pack moving…

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For Rangers Ultra 2018 – Stage Two

2nd August, 2018

Today has been typified by hills, heat and herds…

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For Rangers Ultra – Stage One

1st August, 2018

We had a lot of spectators at the start line to see the runners off on this remarkable event, the near life-sized rhino costume at the front of the pack causing a particularly large stir…

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For Rangers Ultra – Race Blog

31st July, 2018

It’s World Ranger Day today.  A day to honour the brave people who put their lives on the line to protect Africa’s wildlife.  The Rangers stand between Africa’s giants and the poachers who hunt them for profit.

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Jungle Ultra 2018 – Stage Five

8th June, 2018

They have come so far only to find they have so far left to go…

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Jungle Ultra 2018 – Stage Three

6th June, 2018

The runners are all safely at the village of Santa Rosa de Huacaria, though some walked a little further to get there than others…

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Jungle Ultra 2018 – Stage Two

5th June, 2018

A miracle occurred yesterday.  Around 4am the rain stopped and hasn’t been seen since…

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