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Jungle Ultra 2018 – Stage Five

8th June, 2018

They have come so far only to find they have so far left to go…

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Jungle Ultra 2018 – Stage Three

6th June, 2018

The runners are all safely at the village of Santa Rosa de Huacaria, though some walked a little further to get there than others…

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Jungle Ultra 2018 – Stage Two

5th June, 2018

A miracle occurred yesterday.  Around 4am the rain stopped and hasn’t been seen since…

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Jungle Ultra 2018 – Stage One

5th June, 2018

Will said it never rains at Cloud Forest Base Camp. You can imagine what happened next…

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Ice Ultra 2018 – Stage Five

26th February, 2018

The Ice Ultra is over for another year and the hangovers from the after party have been successfully nursed.  It seems high time we put out a final Race Report.

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Ice Ultra 2018 – Stage Three and Four

24th February, 2018

Well, we have some catching up to do…

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Ice Ultra 2018 – Stage Two Race Report

21st February, 2018

Temperatures scarcely climbed above -20 today and at times fell much lower, especially on the exposed slopes of Mt Kabla

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Ice Ultra 2018 – Stage One Race Report

20th February, 2018

The race team and runners gathered yesterday at Arrenjarka.  They’d travelled here from all over the world…

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