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Jungle Ultra 2016 Race Report – Stage Two

6th June, 2016

They’re all tough days out in the jungle and today was no exception…

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Jungle Ultra 2016 Race Report – Stage One

5th June, 2016

The heavens have opened over the cloud forest and woe betide any runner who hasn’t rehearsed their hammock and tarp erecting routine…

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Jungle Ultra 2016 Race Report – Base Camp

4th June, 2016

The day begins in Cusco and it begins early. It’s been festival season of late in this historic city but this morning it is silent…

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Ice Ultra 2016 Race Report – Stage Five

28th February, 2016

They’re all over the line. What an incredible achievement from all of our amazing runners.

They’ve all had to dig really deep to push through the Arctic weather that blighted mile after mile of snow, ice and slush…

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Ice Ultra 2016 Race Report – Stage Four

27th February, 2016

Yesterday was a long hard day out there on the ice. Though a relatively short day on paper, the runners and race team found a layer of surface water on the lakes that was knee deep in places. This strength sapping slush made for a very tough stage…

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Ice Ultra 2016 Race Report – Stage Three

26th February, 2016

The race team took mercy on the runners after yesterday’s horrible weather and gave the runners an extra 2 hours to rest and properly dry their running gear last night. Our team say there was a positive feeling on the start line this morning and everyone seemed energised after their lay-in…

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Ice Ultra 2016 Race Report – Stage Two

25th February, 2016

We said stage 2 was going to be full of surprises and we were not wrong. The runners had to dig deep today to push on through deep snow on the ground and fresh snow falling around them only to find themselves trudging through surface water when they emerged from the snow and headed out onto the frozen lakes…

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Ice Ultra 2016 Race Report – Stage One

24th February, 2016

The runners gathered on the start line at 7am local time as the sun crept up over the frozen arctic landscape and showed them a little of the gruelling Mountain Tundra stage…

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Ice Ultra 2016 Race Report – Base Camp

23rd February, 2016

It’s February 11th and we’re only one night’s sleep away from the beginning of this year’s Ice Ultra. Our 13 runners made their way today to Gallivare Train Station from their homes and lives all around the world and boarded the coach which will take them to our Arctic Base Camp. From now they are totally self supported…

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Jungle Ultra 2015 Race Report – Stage Five

8th June, 2015

And they’ve made it. The last runner has crossed the final finish line of the 2015 Jungle Ultra. There were hugs and laughter and a tears as adrenaline reserves gave out and the runners felt the full weight of their overwhelming experience…

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