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Hit the finish line of the Desert Ultra and unlock entry to the rest of the series…

10th September, 2018

Far be it from us to be immodest, but here at BTU we’ve had a really good couple of years.

Beyond the Ultimate is growing.

We have more races and many, many more runners applying for them.  The 2019 editions of the Ice, Jungle and For Rangers races are already sold out.  Luckily for you we’ve come up with a way you can join us on an amazing adventure and jump the queue for the race of your choice.

We’ve expanded to a point where we’re currently running 4 races each year with a 5th race and other top-secret projects in the pipeline.  We’ve expanded our team, welcoming the For Rangers race team into our tribe and working alongside the amazing people at Save the Rhino International.  We’ve even expanded the races themselves.  We’re now able to take up to 70 runners with us to the For Rangers Ultra in Kenya and the Jungle Ultra in Peru.  We’re taking up to 40 people out to Swedish Lapland for our Ice Ultra.

There are limits though.  We are determined to stick to our policy of leaving no trace behind after our races and large numbers of people make that difficult.  Also, nature has the last say in how the logistics work on our races and nature has a habit of making things difficult for us.  We wouldn’t have it any other way of course, it’s the remoteness and hostility of the beautiful places we race in that attracts us to them, but it means we have to limit the number of runners we take with us.

As demand has risen beyond capacity, we’ve set up a ballot for entry into each race so that everyone has a chance of getting one of these coveted places.

With that in mind we have an offer for all our runners.  The Desert Ultra is un-capped, apply for a place in the desert and you’re guaranteed a place.  Cross the finish line of our Desert Ultra and you can skip the ballot for the upcoming race of your choice altogether.  This won’t be in the following year as these races will most likely already be sold out but it still gives you some big perks.  For instance:

Here’s an example – complete the Desert Ultra in 2018 and we’ll contact you first if a reserve place becomes available for the race of your choice in 2019.  If you don’t take one of these reserve spots then you get to bypass the ballot altogether and secure your place on the start-line of the 2020 race of your choice as soon as we launch the places.

You want to guarantee a place on the Beyond the Ultimate race of your dreams?  Join us in the ancient Namib Desert, complete that challenge, and you earn the right to jump the queue.

Take a look at the video below to see what you’ll be letting yourself in store for.

Contact [email protected] to discuss this if you are interested.

250km through the ancient Namib Desert in 5 days
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