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Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum fitness level recommended to compete in one of your ultras?

Whilst our events are open to anyone, we would recommend that you have at least successfully completed a standard marathon within 2 years of taking up the challenge.  This is to ensure your enjoyment of the race and to give yourself the best chance of competing in the race.

I have never competed in an ultra before, will I be able to safely compete in one of your races?

Our Ultimate Ultra are extremely tough races, but whilst no one has the right to assume they will complete any of them, with the right combination of training as well as mental and physical fitness there is no reason why you will not be successful in your quest.  Indeed each of our clients will come with their own very personal goal to achieve – maybe to finish, maybe to finish in a certain time, or for the more seasoned ultra-marathon competitor – to finish in the top 10 or even win!  Indeed by managing expectations you will see that an ultra-marathon is not beyond us mere mortals, with some competitors choosing a fast hike with running thrown in where fitness, energy or terrain permits.  Please see our Training section for more information on how to approach these incredible events.

Is the Ultimate Ultra Race Series safe?

Customer safety and enjoyment is at the heart of our entire race series, with customer safety taking priority at all times.  We pride ourselves in leading industry medical care and health and safety precautions, and all of our events our fully supported by an experienced medical and safety team.  Our medical team are available from the moment you are in our care to ensure that you are fit to participate, maintain your health during the event and to help with the tough decision to withdraw from the race if such a decision should be required.  Each of our races have been fully risk assessed and the risk assessments for each race are available upon request.  You really are in the best of care when with Beyond the Ultimate.

What is included in the cost of your ultras?

Our Ultimate Ultras include the following:

  • Transfers to base camp
  • Transfer of luggage
  • Shared accommodation – tents or hotels (where applicable)
  • Water during the race (available from first day at base camp)
  • Food after you have crossed the finish line
  • Experienced Race Director
  • Support Team
  • Medical Staff
  • Medical Evacuation Insurance
  • Local multi-lingual support staff
  • Complete digital photographs of entire race

What is not included in the cost of your ultras?

Our Ultimate Ultra do not include the following:

  • Vaccinations (more information provided in your Welcome Pack)
  • Travel Insurance / Evacuation Insurance (essential)
  • Visas / local taxes (where applicable)
  • Personal expenses (drinks / souvenirs etc.)
  • Any personal equipment
  • Race food and energy supplements
  • Food before the race
  • Extra nights accommodation
  • Flights

When is the latest I can book the race?

You can book a place on any of our races right up until the day of the race, however due to the remote locations of our races, some races have a limited number of competitors allowed to take part so we recommend booking your place as soon as possible in order to guarantee your part in the race.

Can you help us with the kit requirements?

Yes you will receive a full kit list in your Welcome Pack.  If you have any questions regarding your kit feel free to contact us.

Can you help us with flights?

Yes – although we do not handle flights ourselves we have partnered up with Corporate Traveller.  For more information please contact us.

Are the race routes marked?

Yes, all Beyond the Ultimate routes are clearly marked and benefit from regular manned checkpoints.  Competitors are also provided with a race brochure at the beginning of each race containing the relevant maps.

Does each stage have a cut-off point?

Yes, in order to protect the safety of competitors it is necessary to introduce cut off points to avoid competitors competing in dangerous conditions.  Each stage allows a generous time to complete the distance and in some situations a short course may be provided for those competing at a speed which would jeopardise the chances of the competitor returning safely.

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