A stunning footrace through the Nepalese Mountains

Travel from the Kathmandu to the shadows of Everest climbing through isolated mountain trails.

The Mountain Ultra


5 stages

About this event

Our first Mountain Ultra was held in Colorado in 2013 and put our runners through ascent after ascent in the snow-capped rocky mountain range.  After this we chose to relocate the race to the Himalayas, a plan sadly halted by the tragic earthquake in Nepal in early 2015.  Plans are in place to bring this race back as soon as possible and our team are working on a brand new race in the area.

Watch this space.

Technical information
  • Location: Nepal
  • Payments: In full or monthly instalments.
  • Distance: 250kms
  • Stages: 5
  • Red Jersey Stage: TBA
  • Base Camp: TBA
  • Finish: TBA
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