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Everything Endurance #33 | A photo that sparked a world-wide debate with Sophie Power

23rd May, 2020

A single photo taken of Sophie Power sparked an important world-wide discussion…

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Everything Endurance #32 | Leaving the Rat Race for a Life of Adventure with Jamie Ramsay

15th May, 2020

When Jamie realised a life in a London office wasn’t for him, he took on a 17,000km run to get away!

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Everything Endurance #31 | Around the World in (just under) 80 Days with Mark Beaumont

8th May, 2020

In 2017, Mark Beaumont did the seemingly impossible by successfully circumnavigating the globe on a bicycle in just over 78 days…

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Everything Endurance #30 | What makes an Elite Athlete? with Sky News Correspondent, Enda Brady

1st May, 2020

What’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic really like? How was Eliud Kipchoge after his record-breaking sub-2hr marathon? These questions and more are answered in the latest episode of Everything Endurance.

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Everything Endurance #29 | Better Sleep for Better Training with James ‘The Sleep Geek’ Wilson

1st May, 2020

Why do we need to sleep? Why is it sometimes so hard to get to? What is happening to you when you’re sleep-deprived and what can you do about it during a race? We’ll chat through these questions and more as we fight off the sleep monsters and learn how best to harness rest.

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Everything Endurance #28 | Finding a new Everest, Mind over Mountains with Alex Staniforth

18th April, 2020

After 2 trips to Everest ended in tragedy, Alex has channeled his experiences into helping others.

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Everything Endurance #27 | Writing your own Ultra-Marathon Training Program with Kris King

9th April, 2020

King Krizzy’s insights into the daunting task of setting a training plan for an ultra-marathon

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Everything Endurance #26 | One Door Closes, Another Opens. Bouncing Back with Marvelous Mimi Anderson

29th March, 2020

Learning to swim, learning to cycle and learning to thrive in life after running

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Everything Endurance #25 | Winning Epic Distance Events with Spine and Barkley Winner John Kelly

20th March, 2020

Will ‘Baldlygo’ Roberts chats with John Kelly about his journey into running, his Barkley win and how to survive sleet, snow and sleeplessness on the Pennine Way

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Everything Endurance #24 | Smashing Records and Beating Sleep Monsters with Jasmin Paris

7th March, 2020

From her journey into running to hallucinating horses and nuns, we recently chatted to Jasmin about her record breaking Spine Race…

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