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Everything Endurance #52 | BROKEN – 2020 The Year Running Records were Rewritten with Ally Beaven

17th October, 2020

Nobody has followed this year of FKTs closer than Ally Beaven. We chat to him about the book he has written about this record breaking summer of running…

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Everything Endurance #51 | Packing for Multi-Stage Races and Fastpack Adventures with Kris King

3rd October, 2020

How do you choose a pack for a fastpacking adventure? How do you pack for days on the trail? Where does a bald man’s face stop and head start? All this and more…

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Everything Endurance #50 | The Grand Round, Hartley Slam pt2 with John Kelly

19th September, 2020

In this episode, John sets his biggest record yet by becoming the first person to feature on the show 3 times! Obviously his proudest moment.

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Everything Endurance #49 | A Month among the Munros, a new FKT with Donnie Campbell

12th September, 2020

Donnie Campbell summited all 282 Munros, the equivalent of climbing Everest 14 times, in 31 days 23hrs, breaking the previous record by over a week!

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Everything Endurance #48 | Tackling the lack of Diversity on the trails with Sonny Peart and Marcus Brown of @BlackTrailRunners

5th September, 2020

In July, a group of passionate runners formed a group with the aim of increasing inclusion, participation and representation of black people in trail running. That group called itself Black Trail Runners.

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Everything Endurance #47 | Introduction to Strength Training for Ultrarunners with Kris King

29th August, 2020

We promised you a third installment of our series on training for endurance events/ultra-running with our very own Kris King, and here it is!

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Everything Endurance #46 | Running the Country, a new LEJOG Record with Carla Molinaro

22nd August, 2020

Carla Molinaro just set a new women’s world record, running the 874-mile/1400km length of Great Britain in 12 days and 30 minutes.

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Everything Endurance #45 | Aim High, Dream Big! Inspiring young adventurers with Steve Hill MBE

15th August, 2020

Steve Hill is a teacher first and foremost, but he’s also an adventurer and endurance athlete who has won multiple awards for his inspirational work with youngsters and an MBE for his charity work.

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Everything Endurance #44 | A Carbon Negative Pennine Way FKT with Damian Hall

1st August, 2020

Damian wrote a book about the Pennine Way, he grabbed a Spine Race podium on the Pennine Way, and now he has the FKT!

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Everything Endurance #43 | Competing with Kilian, a New Tahoe Rim Trail FKT with Adam Kimble

24th July, 2020

Adam Kimble is an American Ultra-Runner and a Race Director with Beyond the Ultimate. He’s also the brand new owner of the Fastest Known Time for the Tahoe Rim Trail!

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