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Everything Endurance #59 | Next Level Nutrition with Greg Potter

27th February, 2021

When should you eat particular foods in order to improve performance? What is RED-S and how can it be avoided? What supplements should I be taking? Is Beetroot Juice really useful!?

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Everything Endurance #58 | One Giant Leap into a Life of Adventure with Holly Budge

13th February, 2021

In this episode, Will chats with Holly about falling out of planes at inopportune moments, being swept away in a stampede of wild horses, and spending nights in the field with anti-poaching units in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

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Everything Endurance #57 | The Science of Sleep and how to get more of it with Greg Potter

30th January, 2021

Join us for a deep and detailed dive into sleep with Resilient Nutrition co-founder Greg Potter

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Everything Endurance #56 | Capturing Adventures with Matt & Ellie of Summit Fever Media

11th December, 2020

Totally FKT, is out now and tells the story of John Kelly and Damian Hall’s exploits on the Pennine Way as they each took on and broke a record which had stood, solid, for 31 years.

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Everything Endurance #55 | Building a new Ultra Marathon with Nick Watson

28th November, 2020

Nick is a seasoned ultra-runner and the man behind the brand new Highland Ultra

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Everything Endurance #53 | A new FKT on the EPIC South West Coast Path with Kristian Morgan

31st October, 2020

60 miles a day and 4-hours sleep a night for 10 days, 12hrs and 6 minutes. That’s epic…

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Everything Endurance #52 | BROKEN – 2020 The Year Running Records were Rewritten with Ally Beaven

17th October, 2020

Nobody has followed this year of FKTs closer than Ally Beaven. We chat to him about the book he has written about this record breaking summer of running…

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Everything Endurance #51 | Packing for Multi-Stage Races and Fastpack Adventures with Kris King

3rd October, 2020

How do you choose a pack for a fastpacking adventure? How do you pack for days on the trail? Where does a bald man’s face stop and head start? All this and more…

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Everything Endurance #50 | The Grand Round, Hartley Slam pt2 with John Kelly

19th September, 2020

In this episode, John sets his biggest record yet by becoming the first person to feature on the show 3 times! Obviously his proudest moment.

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