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Everything Endurance #4 | A Lap of Mainland Britain with Elise Downing

27th March, 2017

Elise Downing wasn’t an elite athlete or even a regular runner when she decided to set off alone and run all the way around England, Wales and Scotland. But off she went…

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Everything Endurance #3 | Multiple Marvelous World Records with Mimi Anderson

17th March, 2017

Mimi Anderson is a multiple world record holder, multiple course record holder and something of a hero of ours at BTU HQ

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Everything Endurance #2 | The Art of Running with Shane Benzie

3rd March, 2017

Shane Benzie is the founder of Running Reborn, a running technique coach and movement specialist. Think of him as the Indiana Jones of the coaching world; Shane has scoured the Earth searching for lost treasures of athletic lore.

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Everything Endurance #1 | Training Tips from 24hr Runner Robbie Britton

7th February, 2017

It’s arrived! To coincide with the launch of our beautiful new website we’ve launched our new podcast too with a special edition featuring Robbie Britton…

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