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Desert Ultra Results Round-Up

23rd October, 2019

Every runner who makes it through our sun-baked 150 mile #DesertUltra is a winner in our book – but who was the fastest?

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For Rangers Ultra 2019 Race Report – Stage Five

22nd September, 2019

Today is world rhino day. What a perfect time to have our runners cross the finish line.

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Jungle Ultra 2019 Race Report – Stage Five

7th June, 2019

The long stage lived up to it’s name once again.

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Ice Ultra 2019 – Race Results

12th March, 2019

All our Ice Ultra runners have achieved something amazing by pushing themselves to the limit in Europe’s last remaining wilderness…

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Desert Ultra 2018 – Race Results

29th November, 2018

Here are the final race times for your perusal, including Adam Kimble and Kristina Madsen’s new course records!

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For Rangers Ultra 2018 Race Report – Stage Five

5th August, 2018

When the winner of the race crossed the finish line earlier he was handed a medal by the greatest marathon runner on earth…

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Jungle Ultra 2018 Race Report – Stage Five

8th June, 2018

They have come so far only to find they have so far left to go…

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Ice Ultra 2018 Race Report – Stage Five

26th February, 2018

The Ice Ultra is over for another year and the hangovers from the after party have been successfully nursed.  It seems high time we put out a final Race Report.

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Jungle Ultra 2017 Race Blog – The Finish!

10th June, 2017

In the main square in Pilco’ our flags were set up on each side of the road and a few rows of seats placed in the shade outside a small local shop/bar. The Race Team gathered here around midday to await the runners…

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