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Highland Ultra 2021 | Clan Race Results

2nd November, 2021

Our Highland Ultra 2021 runners bravely took on 125km of extremely tough Highland terrain over 3-days. Alongside this race was a 2nd competition hidden just beneath the surface – The Clan Race.

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9th June, 2021

Beyond the Ultimate has partnered with the Knoydart Forest Trust to help support their conservation activities on the Knoydart Peninsula in the West Highlands of Scotland. In this blog, we take a look at what the KFT does, why their work is so important, and how BTU will help.

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Highland Ultra 2021 – Speakers and Workshops

24th May, 2021

Along with 125km of gnarly trails in among the coastal mountains, on each evening of the 3 day event we’ll be holding talks and workshops hosted by some of the amazing friends we’ve made in our years of working in endurance sports. Here’s an introduction to each of them so you know what you’re in store for.

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Everything Endurance #63 | Adventuring in the Face of Adversity with Alex Flynn

1st May, 2021

Will and Alex chat about carrying on in the face of diversity, and finding new purpose when your whole life has changed

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Desert Ultra Results Round-Up

19th April, 2021

Every runner who makes it through our sun-baked 150 mile #DesertUltra is a winner in our book – but who was the fastest?

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Everything Endurance

9th April, 2021

With over 60 episodes under our belts, here’s your guide to the Everything Endurance Podcast, our favourite source of inspiration and training advice.

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Where Your First Payment Goes…

28th September, 2020

If you are signed up to one of our races, on the reserve list, or even just thinking about joining us. You may have noticed that we request a payment of £600 to secure your place. Here is a little bit of information on where your first payment goes.

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Virtual Jungle Ultra | Final Standings

15th June, 2020

Together we clocked up over 5000 virtual kilometres of jungle trail

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Desert Ultra | The Documentary

27th April, 2020

Desert Ultra the Documentary was recently released on YouTube with a live, lockdown premiere watched by runners from around the world.

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1st January, 2020

Yes, ‘epic’ is an over-used word. Yes, everything from money-saving tips to cheeseburgers is described as epic these days, but we’re taking the word back as there is no better descriptor for the last trip around the sun.

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