Ice Ultra 2020 Stage Five – Round-Up and Results

Our annual arctic adventure is over for another year, and what a race it’s been…

29th February, 2020

The Ice Ultra is over for another year. It’s a double-edged sword whenever this event comes to a close. A mix of massive relief in that the runners will no longer have to go out into the immensely difficult conditions that the arctic presents for runners, but also of regret at being removed from this incredibly beautiful wilderness.

Today we had runners on the podium for the first time, grabbing stage wins which might well have seemed impossible to these runners when they were flying out here.

We had young runners finding something in themselves that they hadn’t known was there when their journey began 150 miles and 5 days ago.

We had runners who had been forced to drop out earlier in the race resurrect themselves and grab one more chance at adventure.

And we had an overall winner in Simon Dicks who has been the very picture of humility, kindness and joyous immersion in the challenge throughout.

Elsewhere, our winning woman Holly Saunders took four stage wins in a row early in the race and looked dominant and indomitable across every kilometre of arctic trail as she raced to a commanding win and to a sizeable donation to the Princes Trust.

The runners are enjoying warm showers, hot food and clean clothes just now as they prepare for the celebration tonight. Invariably this meal is a chance for each of them to trade stories about what they saw out on the trail and there is no doubt that each and every one of them will have had a different experience of this event.

A full race blog attempting to sum up this race will follow in the coming days, but for now, it suffices to say thank you. Thank you to our runners for their tenacity and positive attitudes, to our team of amazing Exile Medics for their tireless commitment to caring for these adventurers, and to our seemingly indestructible Sami Race Team whose knowledge, skills, and incredible work ethic keeps this race on the move.

Finally, we’d like to thank the friends, family, and fans back in their homes around the world who have followed the race for the last five days. It means the world to the runners in their loneliest and lowest moments out on the trail to know that they are being watched over. It means as much to our team too to know that there are so many people out there who care about these events as much as we do. Thanks for taking the journey with us. We look forward to doing it all again.

Below you’ll find the results for today’s stage as well as the overall leaderboard.

PositionNameStage Five TimeDifference
2JACK ROPER01:30:0000:01:00
3CRAIG WILLIAMS01:55:0000:26:00
3SIMON DICKS01:55:0000:26:00
3LEE QUINN01:55:0000:26:00
6ALEX DE SPIEGELEER01:57:0000:28:00
6AODH O'CURRAIN01:57:0000:28:00
8DERRICK KHAN02:03:0000:34:00
8ALEX THOMPSON02:03:0000:34:00
10DARIUSZ PIETRAS02:04:0000:35:00
11CHRIS NEWTON-GOVERD02:08:0000:39:00
12DAWN JARRETT02:10:0000:41:00
12JOHN POWER02:10:0000:41:00
14PHILLIP TUNNEY02:11:0000:42:00
14THOMAS ADLER02:11:0000:42:00
16GRZEGORZ TUSZNIO02:15:0000:46:00
17HOLLY SAUNDERS02:18:0000:49:00
18CHRISTIAN HULME02:22:0000:53:00
19MATT BOWLES02:24:0000:55:00
19SHARON CALLISTER02:24:0000:55:00
19MARK COLLINS02:24:0000:55:00
19GARETH EVANS02:24:0000:55:00
23ROBIN WELANDER02:26:0000:57:00
24QUENTIN SOMERSET02:42:0001:13:00
25MIKKEL HANSEN02:48:0001:19:00
25JUTTA MUSIGK02:48:0001:19:00
27EDWARD YIN CHAN02:53:0001:24:00
27LEE HASWELL02:53:0001:24:00
28RACHEL GORAJALA03:03:0001:34:00
29MAL SMITH03:10:0001:41:00
30STEFFEN NIELSEN03:15:0001:46:00
31TANIA HODGKINSON03:41:0002:12:00
PositionNameOverall DurationDifference
1SIMON DICKS30:43:00
2ALEX DE SPIEGELEER32:12:0001:29:00
3AODH O'CURRAIN32:32:0001:49:00
4DARIUSZ PIETRAS34:38:0003:55:00
5CRAIG WILLIAMS37:40:0006:57:00
6LEE QUINN39:15:0008:32:00
7JOHN POWER40:56:0010:13:00
8MIKKEL HANSEN41:31:0010:48:00
9SACHA WILSON41:36:0010:53:00
10ALEX THOMPSON42:02:0011:19:00
11HOLLY SAUNDERS42:51:0012:08:00
12CHRISTIAN HULME43:08:0012:25:00
13GRZEGORZ TUSZNIO43:16:0012:33:00
14JACK ROPER43:43:0013:00:00
15DAWN JARRETT44:23:0013:40:00
16DERRICK KHAN44:53:0014:10:00
17PHILLIP TUNNEY45:40:0014:57:00
18MARK COLLINS46:01:0015:18:00
19CHRIS NEWTON-GOVERD46:19:0015:36:00
20THOMAS ADLER46:36:0015:53:00
21MATT BOWLES47:08:0016:25:00
22GARETH EVANS47:13:0016:30:00
23SHARON CALLISTER48:20:0017:37:00
24EDWARD YIN CHAN48:47:0018:04:00
25STEFFEN NIELSEN49:47:0019:04:00
26QUENTIN SOMERSET50:30:0019:47:00
27ROBIN WELANDER50:39:0019:56:00
28RACHEL GORAJALA52:17:0021:34:00
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