Ice Ultra 2020 Stage Four Round-Up and Results

We call Stage Four The Long One for obvious reasons…

29th February, 2020

We call Stage Four The Long One for obvious reasons. It may not seem long compared to some monster stages (like our 91km Desert beast) but this is day four of an arctic race. The cumulative damage of having run more than three marathons in blisteringly cold conditions, trudging through soft snow and stumbling on snowshoes across uneven frozen lakes, is considerable and the runners carry that all into the Stage Four.

This is a tough crowd though and the weather has gone their way throughout the event. Of the runners who started yesterday, only Mal Smith was forced to retire. It takes an awful lot to stop Mal, who has a wealth of cold racing experience, and this is testament to just how hard this race is.

We had a change at the front of the pack as Belgian runner Alex De Spiegeleer dug a spare set of legs out of his kit bag and took the stage win. He did enough in fact to move him up to 2nd in the overall standings. He’d need to make up over an hour during Stage Five’s 15km in order to win the race however.

Below you’ll find the results for Stage Four.

PositionNameS4 DurationDifference
2SIMON DICKS08:48:0000:12:00
3SACHA WILSON09:32:0000:56:00
4AODH O'CURRAIN09:53:0001:17:00
5DARIUSZ PIETRAS10:22:0001:46:00
7CRAIG WILLIAMS10:45:0002:09:00
8LEE QUINN11:42:0003:06:00
9MIKKEL HANSEN12:01:0003:25:00
9JOHN POWER12:01:0003:25:00
9ALEX THOMPSON12:01:0003:25:00
12CHRISTIAN HULME12:15:0003:39:00
13DERRICK KHAN12:18:0003:42:00
14GRZEGORZ TUSZNIO12:21:0003:45:00
6HOLLY SAUNDERS12:25:0001:49:00
15CHRIS NEWTON-GOVERD12:42:0004:06:00
16ROBIN WELANDER12:58:0004:22:00
17DAWN JARRETT13:02:0004:26:00
18JACK ROPER13:08:0004:32:00
18PHILLIP TUNNEY13:08:0004:32:00
20THOMAS ADLER13:19:0004:43:00
21MATT BOWLES13:27:0004:51:00
22EDWARD YIN CHAN13:44:0005:08:00
23QUENTIN SOMERSET14:37:0006:01:00
24SHARON CALLISTER14:52:0006:16:00
25GARETH EVANS15:13:0006:37:00
26MARK COLLINS15:23:0006:47:00
27RACHEL GORAJALA15:50:0007:14:00
28STEFFEN NIELSEN16:05:0007:29:00
29TANIA HODGKINSON18:10:0009:34:00
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