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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Issues Relating to Covid_19

If we postpone/cancel the race due to Covid-19:

  • Entrants will be transferred to a future race of their choice at no cost.
  • Otherwise, entrants can apply for a refund of their balance above the non-refundable deposit of £600.

If you test positive for Covid-19 within ninety days of your event:

  • You can request a transfer to a future event at no cost, we will require proof of the test result.

How do I contact the BTU Team?

That’s easy.  We keep an eye on our mailbox all the time and we’re never happier than when we’re talking to people about our races and adventure related stuff in general.  We keep our field of runners small and we count them all as friends.  Whatever you’re wondering about our races, just email [email protected] 

“I had a lot of questions when I was looking into entering these races.  I contacted BTU and they got straight back to me.  A few emails later and I was booking flights to Peru!”





Is the Ultimate Ultra Race Series safe?

We race in hostile environments in remote places and there are risks inherent in that kind of adventure.  However, we take pride in working our hardest to manage those risks and keep our runners from harm.  Safety and enjoyment are at the heart of our entire race series, with your safety taking priority at all times.

All of our events are fully supported by our friends at Exile Medics.  They are world leaders and pioneers when it comes to the provision of medical services in wilderness and endurance event medical practices.  The medical team are available from the moment you are in our care to ensure that you are fit to participate.  Each of our races has been fully risk-assessed and we partner with logistical teams on the ground with a proven track record of excellent safety standards.  You really are in the best of care when with Beyond the Ultimate.

What is the minimum fitness level recommended to compete in one of your ultras?

Whilst our events are open to anyone, we definitely recommend you have at least successfully completed a standard marathon within 2 years of taking up the challenge.  This is to ensure your enjoyment and to give yourself the best chance of completing your chosen race.

What is included in the cost of your ultras?

Our Ultimate Ultras include the following:

  • A fully marked course, overseen by our excellent race, safety, and medical teams, led by our experienced Race Director, in a remote and beautiful location where you will be among the only people to have ever traversed it on foot.
  • Transfers to base camp
  • Transfer of luggage from Base Camp to Finish Line
  • Shared accommodation during the race
  • Water during the race (available from arrival at base camp)
  • Food after you have crossed the finish line
  • Local multi-lingual support staff
  • Complete digital photographs of entire race
  • The purchase of a tree in the Beyond the Ultimate Woodland Project run in conjunction with our partners at Mossy Earth.  This is part of our effort to offset the carbon created by our flights around the world

What is not included in the cost of your ultras?

Race fees don’t cover:

  • Flights
  • Travel Insurance / Evacuation Insurance (essential)
  • Visas / local taxes (where applicable)
  • Personal expenses (drinks/souvenirs etc.)
  • Any personal equipment (see kit lists in the Race Packs)
  • Race food and energy supplements
  • Accommodation (other than that during the race and one night after the race, which we provide)
  • Vaccinations

I have never competed in an ultra before, will I be able to safely compete in one of your races?

Our races are seriously tough, but you wouldn’t be the first.  We’ve had a number of runners complete one of our races as their first ultra.  If you’re willing to put in the time to train and research the race, then there’s no reason you can’t complete one of our ultras.  Here’s a podcast episode with Will, our media guy, who trained up from being a running novice and completed our Ice Ultra within a year.

Also, if you sign up for a race, we’ll let you join one of our Facebook groups for our runners where you can chat with veterans about their experiences and get advice on tweaking your training, testing your kit and managing your nutrition.

When is the latest I can book the race?

Well, technically you can book a place on any of our races right up until the day of the race.  However, the remote nature of our races and our determination to leave the local environment as we found it, means that we strictly limit the number of people we take with us.  Demand for these limited places is extremely high and most races sell out up to a year in advance.  See below to learn about our ballot system for entries.

How does the ballot system work?

Demand for our races is pretty high.  To give everyone a fair shot at securing a place we now use a ballot system to allocate spots on the start line.  Keep an eye on our facebook, twitter and Instagram accounts to see when we announce the opening of bookings on upcoming races.  Once bookings are open we will allow one week for people to submit applications and then randomly select entrants.  If you don’t make the cut, don’t worry, we will keep you on the reserve list and contact you if there are any cancellations.

Our desert race is a bit different.  We are able to take more runners with us to the Namib desert and therefore there is no ballot for entry.  If you need another reason to come with us to race in the beautiful Namib then it’s worth noting that if you complete the desert ultra you are guaranteed a place on another race of your choice.  Click here to see where you could be racing.  To learn more email [email protected]


Can you help us with kit, training and nutrition advice?

Well, we can’t tell you exactly what to eat, what to wear and how to train.  That sort of research is all part of the journey.  However, we’re happy to offer advice and we can offer you plenty of ways to find this information.

You can download a free Race Pack on each of our ultra pages.  In there you’ll find a kit list detailing each item you will need for the race.

Also, when you’ve entered a race, we’ll let you into our exclusive facebook groups for runners.  In there you’ll be able to chat with the runners who’ll be joining you out on the trail and with veterans who’ve completed the race in the past.  It’s your own personal panel of experts.

Also, check out our youtube tutorials here.  In here you’ll find tips about packing your kit and competing in each of our races.

And remember, you can always contact the BTU team!  Email [email protected]


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