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For Rangers Ultra 2019 Race Report – Stage Five

Today is world rhino day. What a perfect time to have our runners cross the finish line.

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For Rangers Ultra 2019 Race Report – Stage Four

Most of the runners had a night of broken sleep on account of the lion outside the perimeter who roared every half hour or so…

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For Rangers Ultra 2019 Race Report – Stage Three

Once again we used a helicopter as a starting gun. Our pilot gave the runners a haircut as he roared overhead and sent the runners out onto the course.

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For Rangers Ultra 2019 Race Report – Stage Two

As the runners were rubbing their eyes and trying to crowbar themselves back into clammy lycra this morning at breakfast, our teams were out on the course clearing a path through the elephants

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For Rangers Ultra 2019 Race Report – Stage One

There was a strong crowd of supporters as our 70 runners took to the line and a big cheer went up as they headed out to tackle 220km of trail.

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For Rangers Ultra 2019 – Pre Race Report

We are back in Kenya ready for the second For Rangers Ultra and we are very excited.

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An Introduction to the For Rangers Ultra

What is it? Where is it held? What makes it so amazing? Everything you need to know is right here…


Everything Endurance Season Two – Episode Six – Running for Rangers – The For Rangers Ultra

This 220km, 5-stage race, crosses open wildlife reserves in Kenya, the home of long-distance running.

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For Rangers Ultra – Fundraising Update

Between the efforts of our runners and staff. The profits from the 2018 race passed £110,000. A huge statement for the potential of this race in the future. This money goes to support the work of Save the Rhino and For Rangers.

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For Rangers Ultra 2018 – Final Race Blog

When the winner of the race crossed the finish line earlier he was handed a medal by the greatest marathon runner on earth…

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