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Ice Ultra 2019 – Race Results

All our Ice Ultra runners have achieved something amazing by pushing themselves to the limit in Europe’s last remaining wilderness…

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Ice Ultra 2019 – Race Report – Stage Five

A short time ago Hugh Morris crossed the finish line in Jokkmokk and brought the 2019 edition of the Ice Ultra to a close…

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Ice Ultra 2019 – Stage Four – Race Report

Stage Four is a monster.  64km is an awfully long way under any circumstances, but when it’s minus 26c outside and the ground is covered in snow.

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Ice Ultra 2019 – Race Report – Stage Three

It’s been another crisp and clear arctic day here in Swedish Lapland, thankfully free of snowfall and wind.  The temperatures have been suitable arctic too, having dropped as far as minus 32 degrees as the runners took to the startline this morning.

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Ice Ultra 2019 – Race Report – Stage Two

Mt Kabla is the highest point on the race and the climb up is difficult, particularly given the layer of soft snow which fell yesterday.  The views from the top are spectacular though, a suitable reward for the runners who’ve made their way up.

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Ice Ultra 2019 – Race Report – Stage One

Our day started out in ideal conditions.  Cold enough to be suitably arctic but not enough to cause immediate problems.  Visibility good, wind calm and not a flake of snow in the air. But this is the arctic circle and things can change fast…

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Ice Ultra 2019 – Race Report – Pre-race

The largest field so far assembled for this race came together this morning and gathered in Galivare, Northern Sweden, ready to travel to the start line of the Ice Ultra.  We have 38 runners from 15 countries including Canada, the US and Zimbabwe.

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