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Everything Endurance #51 | Packing for Multi-Stage Races and Fastpack Adventures with Kris King

How do you choose a pack for a fastpacking adventure? How do you pack for days on the trail? Where does a bald man’s face stop and head start? All this and more…

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Everything Endurance #47 | Introduction to Strength Training for Ultrarunners with Kris King

We promised you a third installment of our series on training for endurance events/ultra-running with our very own Kris King, and here it is!

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Everything Endurance #40 | Basic Nutrition, Foundations for Training with Kris King

Kris King returns with the second part of his enlightening series on training for endurance events. This time we tackle the topic of basic nutrition.

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Everything Endurance #27 | Writing your own Ultra-Marathon Training Program with Kris King

King Krizzy’s insights into the daunting task of setting a training plan for an ultra-marathon

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