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Ice Ultra 2020 Stage Five – Round-Up and Results

Our annual arctic adventure is over for another year, and what a race it’s been…

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Ice Ultra 2020 Stage Four Round-Up and Results

We call Stage Four The Long One for obvious reasons…

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Desert Ultra 2019 Race Report – STAGE FIVE

We officially have our first Namibian winner of the Desert Ultra.

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Desert Ultra Race Report – STAGE FOUR

Stage Four may be the shortest but you’d be foolish to underestimate the Damara Dash…

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Desert Ultra 2019 Race Report – STAGE THREE

–NEWS FLASH– Just as we began uploading this report a mother elephant and her baby have wandered to within about 20m of camp!

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Desert Ultra 2019 Race Report – STAGE TWO

At 6am local time, Francois, our chief Namibian rooster impersonator gave his usual morning alarm call and our day got off to a start.

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Desert Ultra 2019 Race Report – STAGE ONE

Stage One is over and 30 lightly toasted runners are now safely in their tents…

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As the sun sets here, the place becomes a prime selfie spot. Expect our runners social media accounts to be packed with glowing sundown shots for the coming weeks.

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Desert Ultra Results Round-Up

Every runner who makes it through our sun-baked 150 mile #DesertUltra is a winner in our book – but who was the fastest?

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