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An Introduction to the Desert Ultra

What is the Desert Ultra? Where is it? What makes it so amazing? Everything you need to know about the Beyond the Ultimate Desert Ultra is right here in the newest video to drop on our YouTube Channel.

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In 2018 we started a stage of one of our races with a helicopter. Imagine what 2019 might look like…

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Meet the BTU Team

It takes a team effort to keep Beyond the Ultimate at the top of our game. You’ll have seen us around the races shouting into megaphones, waving satellite phones around and snapping pictures, but do you know who we are?

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Why should you run our Desert Ultra?

Well, maybe you shouldn’t. 
250km of the beautiful, ancient Namib Desert complete with tall granite mountains, wildlife and incredible sunsets. Who’d be interested in that?!

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Race Entries – How to Beat the Ballot

Hit the finish line of the Desert Ultra and unlock entry to the rest of the series…

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Maintaining a Mossy Earth – Our Reforestation Policy

We work hard to leave the beautiful areas we visit in a better position after we leave. We’ve just made a change which will help us to achieve our conservation goals.

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